Gas Chlorination Systems

WestWater Enterprises is the Australian representative for the De Nora Water Technologies Services range of gas chlorination products including vacuum regulators, chlorinators, ejectors and residual chlorine analysers and emergency gas scrubbers.

Chlorine is widely used as the prime disinfecting ingredient for gas chlorination treatments in the water industry. It acts as a fast oxidising agent, treats organic taste and odour and produces a free-chlorine residual.

WestWater supplies the De Nora Water Technologies Services Series NXT3000 gas feed system, a family of vacuum-operated, gas feed components including vacuum regulator, meter assembly, and a selection of ejectors to meet customer needs for gas chlorination and feeding sulphur dioxide, ammonia or carbon dioxide.

The Series NXT3000 is a versatile, high quality gas chlorination system which operates at sonic conditions eliminating the need for regulating differential pressure across the rate control valve. Proven design, rugged construction, and the use of the best available materials ensure precise gas chlorination feeding, low maintenance and dependable operation for the life of the equipment.

The Series NXT3000

Series Design features:

  • Modern design – Operates on sonic principle. No DP regulation required. Fewer parts mean better reliability and improved ease of maintenance.
  • Modularity – System consists of vacuum regulator, meter assembly and ejector.
  • Inlet valve body and spring – Both are manufactured from Hastelloy-C and warranted for life.
  • Versatility – System adapts to automatic vacuum changeover by simply adding a second vacuum regulator. No separate changeover module required.
  • Safe operation – All vacuum operation prevents escape of gas to atmosphere.
  • Minimum maintenance – Simple design minimises routine maintenance. PM kits available for all major components.
  • Superior warranty – Vacuum regulator and meter assembly carry a three year warranty.

Emergency Scrubbers

The EST industrial and municipal scrubbing systems include wet and dry scrubbers for emergency abatement, odour scrubbers and particulate scrubbers. EST scrubbers are used to control fugitive emissions of chlorine or sulphur dioxide from 68kg cylinders or 920kg drums.

Chlorination System Safety Equipment

When applied correctly gas chlorination has proven a safe and effective way to disinfect water supplies. Chlorine gas is not considered to be toxic, but it is a respiratory, eye and skin irritant. It can cause breathing difficulties and even suffocation in very high concentrations.

Chlorine is not explosive or flammable, but can support combustion. All forms of chlorine must be used and handled with appropriate knowledge, care and respect in order to eliminate the potential for unsafe conditions.

WestWater supplies safety systems including gas leak detectors and the Chlorshield automatic shutdown system.

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