Collie Power Station – Ferric Sulphate Dosing Upgrade

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WestWater have recently completed the supply and installation of a new Ferric Sulphate dosing system at Collie Power Station, in the South West region of Western Australia.

The new Ferric Sulphate dosing system is housed inside a new chemical dosing cabinet, and has replaced the existing Ferric Sulphate dosing pump skids and associated equipment that was used to treat wastewater from the power station.

The new chemical dosing cabinet allows the Ferric Sulphate dosing system to be more easily accessible for operations and maintenance tasks, whilst enclosing the pumps and preventing possible exposure to Ferric Sulphate if a leak were to occur.

The Ferric Sulphate dosing system is classed as “critical equipment” to the power station due to their operational demand from the wastewater treatment plant, so the upgrade works undertaken by WestWater had to be completed efficiently and within a short shutdown period, to ensure operations could continue with minimal disruption.