Rio Tinto Cape Lambert – Electrochlorination Module

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WestWater recently completed the design and construction of a self-contained system designed to handle the batching and dosing of Sodium Hypochlorite for Rio Tinto’s Cape Lambert mine site supply pump station. The Cape Lambert mine site is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, approximately 40kms north-east of Karratha.

The new electro-chlorinator facility is capable of generating 30L/hr of 0.6% strength sodium hypochlorite, which is then stored in a 2000L product storage tank. Duty/standby digital dosing pumps, for the two incoming potable water lines which supply to CLA & CLB port areas, can then dose up to 17L/hr of the product into each lines flow for disinfection. The facility is also capable of monitoring the resultant chlorine residual on the downstream of the chlorine injection point for water quality assurance.

The electro-chlorination module itself is a 20-foot sea container designed for ease of transportation and relocation if required. It is a single air-conditioned room lined with 50mm sandwich panel insulation. The electro-chlorination system housed within the module is controlled by a dedicated local PLC equipped with an Ethernet TCP/IP communication module for connection to the site UWSS system. There is also a local HMI for operator controls and monitoring.