WestWater Proudly Introduces The Orange Card

Westwater Orange Card

WestWater proudly introducing The Orange Card to our workplaces, taking drug education seriously.

At WestWater we are committed to workplace safety, this is why we are the first Water Treatment Company in Australia to adopt the Orange card and officially recognise the need for drug education and awareness in our workplaces nation-wide.

The Orange Card is a targeted online learning program that focuses on education and drug awareness. The course consists of ten clear and concise modules that address; Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, MDMA, Research Chemicals, 25in BOME, Synthetic Cannabis, Fentanyl, as well as necessary workplace responsibilities and safety.

All proceeds from The Orange Card go to Sideffect Australia; an Australian organisation that champions education as the key to addressing the overwhelming rise of synthetic drug use in Australia. Sideffect is a grass-root not for profit organisation born out of tragedy. Following the drug-related death of the founder’s son, Sideffect was established with the intention of educating the broader public about the facts about drugs and the devastating effects they can have on you. Sideffect is committed to empowering people with knowledge so that they can make informed decisions about drug use. The Orange card is one example of this initiative.

Westwater sees the value in adapting the Orange card; to satisfy our role as providers of a safe work environment, as well as empowering our employees with the training they require to know their responsibility for safety in their workplaces. Business owners, managers and influential industry leaders play a vital role in identifying and addressing drug use in the mining, hospitality and other industries, and it takes a collaborative effort to facilitate the necessary education, intervention and support to address the problem.

WestWater are well aware of the Drug culture around the mining and construction industry. Due to the diversity of our workforce and the movements of our team around Australia, we have strict policies on Drug and Alcohol use and would hate to have to enforce these on our people. To prevent this, we always look for ways to better educate our staff in the dangers of drugs and alcohol use, not only in the workplace but at any time and place. The orange card is a simple but effective reminder to our staff, which also highlights the importance of a clear state of mind while operating and working in the environments we do.”

(Matt Wagland, Director of WestWater Enterprises.)


Drug use and abuse affects families, communities and professional environments. Together with the ongoing efforts of Sideffect, The Orange Card is a fundamental step towards drug abuse prevention and drug-related accidents in any industry.

Westwater takes pride in the fact that we are purifying and protecting Australia’s most valuable resource, and aligning with that ethos, we embrace The Orange Card as a constructive contribution to our already existing health and safety framework, to ensure the upmost professionalism and reliability in our organisation.

To further contribute to the good works of Sideffect Australia, please visit: http://sideffect.org.au/donate/