Chemical Storage and Dosing Systems

Many water treatment processes require the addition of chemicals to produce a usable product for consumption or industrial applications.

These chemicals can be supplied as liquids of various concentrations, or powders for mixing and preparation prior to chemical dosing of the water source.

Typical chemicals used for dosing include:

  • Chlorine
  • Sodium Bisulphite
  • Acids
  • Caustic
  • Poly electrolytes
  • Potassium Permanganate, and others

Package Solutions

WestWater designs and assembles packaged chemical dosing systems to meet individual site requirements, including storage tanks, pumps and accessories to ensure compatibility of materials and hydraulic stability.

These packages can be supplied as skid mounted modules, or within transportable buildings and containers. We also supply powder preparation plants, complete with vacuum loading, hopper, feeder, tank mixing and liquid storage.

Each package is assembled within a frame and skid base to ensure a small footprint on-site, complete with a microprocessor based electrical control system.

It is important to select the correct chemical dosing pump for each application and we can offer several types of technology, including:

  • Digital
  • Mechanical diaphragm
  • Progressive cavity

Practical Designs

As an example, a popular method of disinfection uses commercially available sodium hypochlorite dosing which is produced at 12.5% available free chlorine held in a caustic based solution. It is transported as a liquid, in 1000 litre bulk-boxes, or in volume for decanting onsite to storage tanks.

Sodium hypochlorite for dosing has a defined shelf life and the concentration will decay in strength over time. It has a tendency when pumped at 12.5% to produce off-gassing particularly in the suction line of the sodium hypochlorite dosing pumps. A well designed system will include a sodium hypochlorite dosing pump with a multi-function valve to protect against off-gassing from the solution.

WestWater designs and assembles a total package, incorporating all of the components necessary to ensure a safe operational system.

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