Wavelength Partnership Announcement

WestWater is thrilled to announce our partnership with Wavelength Water Ltd – New Zealand.

Wavelength will carry and support the full range of Gaffey on-site chlorine generation systems for supply to clients across New Zealand. They will provide the market with easy, local access to our comprehensive technical and support expertise, right from initial systems specification through to ongoing maintenance and servicing.

Wavelength are a solution provider in the design, installation and servicing of extensive water treatment systems for high-value commercial, municipal, industrial
or council projects.

With locations spread across New Zealand, Wavelength Water takes immense pride in being a reliable one-stop shop for all water markets and needs.

From initial project scoping, Wavelength Water thoroughly understands your requirements, ensuring continuous flawless system operation with unwavering support.

For all enquiries, please contact: –
Email: info@wavelengthwater.co.nz
Website: www.wavelengthwater.co.nz
Tel: +64 9 274 1646