Granular Deep Bed Waste Water Filtration Systems

WestWater Enterprises sells and supplies world-leading tertiary treatment technologies including the De Nora Water Technologies Services deep bed filtration system.

The TETRA® Deep Bed™ filtration system is a down flow sand filter for the filtration of effluent from municipal wastewater treatment plants. The technology offers process flexibility and high efficiency backwash for the removal of suspended solids and other insoluble contaminants.

Deep bed filtration also provides superior total phosphorus (TP) removal to meet regulatory requirements.

Deep bed filtration may be defined as a granular filter for removal of total suspended solids (TSS) from secondary treatment effluent. Coarse media is normally used to encourage deep penetration of solids into the media bed. This allows for longer filtration runtimes. Simultaneous air and water backwashes are used to ensure cleaning of the filters as required.

TETRA® Deep Bed™ filtration units have been used in municipal wastewater applications since 1960. They are without nozzles, screens or small orifices, eliminating the possibility of clogging and can easily meet <2 NTU or <5 mg/l TSS (<2 mg/l typical). Due to the filter’s high loading capacity, the percent of dirty backwash water return is less than 4% (<2% typical) of the plant’s forward flow.

TETRA T Block and TETRA SNAP T underdrain filters for wastewater applications have a proven design providing superior distribution for both water and air, separately or concurrently.

Benefits choose a TETRA® Deep Bed™ Filtration system for:

  • Superb handling, especially peak loads
  • Ease of handling upset conditions
  • Provides excellent turbidity and TSS removal
  • No moving parts
  • Proven operational success since 1960
  • Can easily be expanded into Denitrification

Filter Media

Filter media is the heart of the filtration process. We carefully select a filter media which has an optimum size large enough for deep penetration of suspended solids, but small enough to prevent the solids from breaking through the filter bed.

Rounded sand grains with a sphericity of at least 0.8mm are used in the TETRA® Deep Bed™ system. The scrubbing action between sand grains is the most effective way to clean the dirty filter media. A rounded sand grain will tend to rotate during backwashing, thereby, creating a vigorous scrubbing action to release any adhering solids.

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