Frontline Roller

A trailer mounted mobile dosing unit (MDU) that can be towed around by a standard vehicle. This is particularly useful if the MDU is getting regular use on more intricate applications.

Standard Features:

  • 10’ x 6’ Heavy Duty Galvanised trailer complete with powder coated aluminium canopy
  • 8KVA Diesel Generator with long range tank
  • 1 x 7.5L/hr digital dose pump mounted on dosing manifold with auxiliary valving
  • Dual 200L chemical storage tanks
  • Handheld transfer pump for transferring chemicals from carboys to chemical storage tank
  • Carrier/Recirculation water manifold (no pump)
  • Eye wash station
  • HDPE Bund lining for trailer (complete chemical containment)
  • Electrical control system complete with control switches and fault lights for pump and 240V generator plug for ease of powering up.
  • 50m of braided chemical dose hose and injection quill
  • Australian standard safety signage
  • Internal/external/hazard lights
  • 1 year registration

Optional Extras Available:

  • Increase in dosing pump size
  • 200L Water Storage tank, Service Water Pump & Deluge Eyewash
  • 10m3/hr Carrier / Recirculation Water Pump
  • Standby Chemical Dosing Pump
  • Carrier / Recirculation Water Magnetic Flowmeter
  • Free Chlorine Analyser
  • Chemical Spill Kit

Watch the video below of a Frontline Roller manufactured by WestWater for an eastern states water authority in 2021:

The mobile dosing unit is a transportable chlorination system. The unit is capable of storing 2 x 200L of 12.5% strength sodium hypochlorite. Duty/standby digital dosing pumps can dose up to 7.5L/hr of the chemical into a recirculation system for disinfection. The unit is also capable of monitoring the resultant chlorine residual on the upstream of the chlorine injection point. For added safety, the unit also contains a 200L service water tank, pressure pump and flexible eyewash hose.

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