Instrumentation for Water Quality Monitoring, Analysis

WestWater Enterprises offers a variety of process instrumentation solutions to meet specific measurement requirements.

Instrumentation solutions include:

  • Water and wastewater quality monitoring systems and analysers
  • Chlorine residual analysers
  • Distribution pipe insertion sonde
  • Controllers
  • Gas detectors
  • Potable water quality assessment systems
  • Weighing systems

Emergency Shutdown Devices (ESD)

The principle benefit of instrumentation such as an Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD) is to protect personnel and the public from exposure to a chlorine gas leak, as well as saving associated plant and equipment from corrosion.

WestWater designs and manufactures its own ESD, known as the ChlorShield. ChlorShield is an automatic emergency isolation device for chlorine gas cylinders and drums, for use in areas such as water and wastewater treatment, swimming pools and industrial plants. It is intended to shut the primary isolation valves on containers when detecting a significant gaseous chlorine leak. The ChlorShield can be adapted for use on other types of gases.

ChlorShield consists of a poly-carbonate enclosure, to house the electronic control system with indicators and battery backup and the pneumatic system. The pneumatic piston and arm assemblies are also included.

ChlorShield instrumentation features include:

  • Automatic emergency isolation device
  • Protects staff and general public
  • Detects chlorine gas and activates alarms
  • Shuts down gas cylinders or drums
  • Alternative shutdown by push button
  • Protects plant and equipment against corrosion
  • Battery back-up
  • Watchdog facility protects system

Gas Leak Detectors

De Nora Water Technologies Services manufacture the Capital Control Series of gas leak detectors. This instrumentation is state-of the art for rapidly measuring and alarming the ambient presence of low concentrations of toxic gases.

The microprocessor based receiver can accept inputs from up to four independent sensors each designed to accurately determine parts per million levels of chlorine or sulphur dioxide. The receiver enclosure is NEMA 4X rated and can be wall mounted wherever the monitored gases are manufactured, stored or used. Each gas sensor may be located up to 300 meters from the receiver. Multiple relays allow for remote alarming and activation of ancillary safety equipment.

Features of the ChlorAlert Plus include:

  • Long sensor life
  • Flexible configuration
  • Convenient installation
  • Simple calibration
  • Comprehensive display
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Alarm history
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Communications

WestWater also supplies and supports brands including Draeger and Crowcon gas leak detectors.

Weighing Systems

WestWater supplies and services a range of weighing systems:

  • WestWater Enterprises markets Eagle Microsystem weighing scales which have a proven reliability in chlorine gas weighing.
  • The WestWater model WE68kg dual digital cylinder scale is a compressed gas dual cylinder electronic scale. The low profile scale base and electronics enclosure are manufactured using a non-corroding impact resistant plastic.
  • The WestWater model WE920kg digital drum scale is a compressed gas drum electronic scale. The scale base is epoxy coated and the electronics enclosure is manufactured using a non-corroding impact resistant plastic.


WestWater can also provide accessories for chlorine gas cylinder and drum installations such as auto change over systems, drum trolley systems and chlorine drum lifting beams. We provide chlorine gas safe handling courses and can assist with the design, layout and manufacture of a sequential drum system.

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