Westwater water treatment plant in remote area

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WestWater specialises in potable water treatment systems for municipal and industrial processes Australia-wide as well as any application requiring the use of quality assured, clean water.

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Westwater water treatment plant with water filtration systems shown

Recent Projects

Rio Tinto Iron Ore awarded a Design and Construct contract to WestWater Enterprises for the disinfection of the Eastern Ranges pipeline at the Paraburdoo mine.

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Potable water treatment involves the removal of sediments and contaminants as well as disinfection to kill potentially harmful micro-organisms. It can also include measures to improve aesthetic qualities such as colour, taste and smell.

Treatment options will depend on where the water comes from, the type of contaminants present and cost-effectiveness.

As industry leaders in water filtration systems, we specialise in technologies including:


Treatment processes to destroy micro-organisms. This is done through:


The passage of water through a bed of fine particles to remove suspended solids and larger microorganisms. We offer:

CChemical Dosing

Design and assembly of packaged chemical dosing systems to meet individual site requirements including storage tanks, dosing pumps and accessories to ensure compatibility of materials and hydraulic stability.


Monitoring and control systems including weighing, water chlorination residual analysis and quality assessment systems.


ATG UV De Nora Hyprolyser