Multimedia Filtration

WestWater Enterprises designs, assembles and supplies packaged water treatment systems which include multimedia filtration, disinfection and pressure pump delivery of water to the user. These systems are supplied to a variety of customers and designed to meet the environmental conditions of each application.

Filtration is the process of removing solids from water by passing it through a porous filter media such as sand. Multimedia filtration refers to a pressure vessel which uses three or more different media.

Multimedia filtration units generally have three layers with varying differences in mass between multimedia filtration materials. The arrangement allows the largest dirt particles to be removed near the top of the media bed with the smaller dirt particles being retained deeper in the media. This allows much longer run times between backwash and much more efficient dirt or turbidity removal.

Sand filters typically remove particles down to 25-30 microns while a well-operated multimedia filtration unit may remove particles from 10-20 microns.

Utilising the De Nora Water Technologies TETRA LP Block and TETRA U Block underdrain filters for drinking water applications offers a proven design that provides superior distribution for both water and air, separately or concurrently. Their lightweight construction and easy assembly ensure a tight fit, long maintenance-free life, low headloss and adaptation into a new or old underdrain filter design application.

Get Industry Leading Technology

Our association with De Nora Water Technologies Services, one of the world leaders in water treatment technologies, means we can offer industry-leading products including multimedia filtration and adsorption media systems for the removal of:

  • Arsenic
  • Iron
  • Manganese

This is achieved through use of specially designed media such as Bayoxide® and OmniSorb™

Bayoxide – Arsenic Removal

De Nora Water Technologies Services’ Bayoxide® E33 dry, robust ferric oxide arsenic removal media helps potable water plants worldwide meet regulatory requirements for reduced arsenic levels. The media is specifically designed with a high capacity for both arsenic III and arsenic V, providing long operating cycles and lower operating costs than alternative technologies. The exhausted arsenic removal media is non-hazardous and can be sent to a landfill.

OmniSorb™ – Iron and Manganese Removal

Iron and manganese occur naturally in water, especially groundwater. Neither of the elements causes adverse health effects; they are, in fact, essential to the human diet. However, water containing excessive amounts of iron and manganese can stain clothes, discolour plumbing fixtures and sometimes add a rusty taste and look to water.

The OmniSorb™ filter system is designed for iron and manganese removal applications and for combined arsenic/iron/manganese removal where iron levels are high enough to affect arsenic removal.

OmniSorb™ media is not a processed mineral; rather, it is an engineered product using refined manganese dioxide that has high catalytic activity for oxidation and adsorption of these metals.

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