Water Treatment Systems for Varied Industries

WestWater has a cost effective potable, chlorine water treatment, filtration system or UV disinfection solution for almost any industry requiring quality assured, clean water.

We have served industries Australia-wide for more than 10 years and our treatment systems continue to provide excellent results. Visit our projects page for details of major projects carried out or browse below for an overview of applications.

Industries and Applications

We have provided treatment systems for:

  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Mining – oil and gas
  • Aquatic
  • Aquaculture
  • Food and Beverage
  • Meat and Livestock – abattoir
  • Medical
  • Desalination Plants
  • Remote Communities


WestWater supplies chlorine water treatment and UV disinfection and sterilisation systems to mine sites throughout Australia. Typical treatment technologies include water filtration systems, reverse osmosis, softening and UV disinfection.

Many of our mining clients use UV disinfection and sterilisation as it is easily installed into pipelines and there is no need for chemicals. However, some sites also require gas or liquid chlorination systems which are assembled as a package in compact transportable buildings or containers.

An alternative technology suitable for mine sites is electro chlorination. Water and salt is combined with electrical power to produce low concentration liquid chlorine for sodium hypochlorite dosing. The low concentration of sodium hypochlorite (0.7%) used for dosing is not considered to be a hazardous chemical and storage on a remote site is not a problem. Additionally, salt is easy to source and transport to site, making on site generation of sodium hypochlorite a low cost alternative.


Aquatic Parks and swimming pools require the installation of disinfection systems to ensure conditions are clean and safe for swimming. Liquid or gas chlorination is used as the primary disinfectant and in some applications ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and sterilisation systems are also used.

UV disinfection and sterilisation breaks down chloramines associated with ‘red eye’ and skin irritations and is effective against Cryptosporidium outbreaks. WestWater has supplied ATG UV sterilisation systems to major Aquatic Parks in Australia.

Remote Communities

WestWater designs, supplies and installs UV disinfection and gas chlorination potable water treatment modules at Aboriginal communities and remote locations throughout Australia. Our systems can be found in several remote communities throughout the Northern Territory as well as the McMinns Bore near Darwin.

Find Out More

Visit our projects page to get more details about industry applications including UV disinfection and sterilisation, chemical dosing, gas chlorination, sodium hypochlorite dosing, electro chlorination, water chlorination and filtration systems.

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