Frontline Mini

Perfect for smaller, impromptu applications, this skid can be easily put on the back of a Ute and taken to the job site. Simple to use and easy to handle, this is ideal for light duty chemical dosing applications like hyper chlorinating a newly installed main.

Standard Features:

  • 60L Chemical storage tank
  • 200L Chemical containment bund
  • Tinted clear flip lid splash cover
  • 1 x 7.5lL/hr digital dose pump
  • Foot valve, pressure loading valve, suction hose and fittings
  • 50m of braided chemical dose hose and injection quill

Optional Extras Available:

  • Increase in dosing pump size
  • Dose pump auto start/stop pack with flow switch, control cable and junction box
  • Handheld transfer pump for transferring chemicals from carboys to chemical storage tank
  • Chemical Spill Kit

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