The UVLW series features the very latest in low pressure Amalgam UV lamp technology and optimised UV chamber design to deliver amazing performance at a fraction of the size and operational power compared to standard low pressure UV systems.

Designed for municipal wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater discharges, the UVLW design is centred around the market leading 800 Watt Amalgam UV lamp that provides significant advantages over standard 200 Watt, 325 Watt and 330 Watt UV lamps.

Enhanced Variable Power: The 800 Watt Amalgam UV lamp features a specially design secondary control circuit that allows the UV lamp to run at operational powers of only 30% power.  Compared to 330 Watt lamps which can become unstable and extinguish below 60% power, the 800 Watt Amalgam lamp will safely operate between 100% power and 30% power (70% turndown), providing significant flexibility to operators wishing to match the operational power of their UV plant to varying flow rates and seasonal water quality parameters.

Increased Lamp Life: The 800 Watt UV lamp includes a guaranteed useable lamp life of 16,000 hours minimum.  Compared to the industry standard of 12,000 hours for Amalgam UV lamps, this feature allows operators installing the UVLW range to run their UV plant for around 6 months longer before scheduled maintenance is required.   This extended lamp life makes the UVLW range one of the most OPEX competitive designs in the world.

High Disinfection Efficiency : The 800 Watt Amalgam lamp design provides one of the most efficient UV lamps available in the UV industry.  In terms of useable UV energy for disinfection (UVC light at 254 nm), each 800 Watt amalgam UV lamp provides the same UV output a 3 x 325 Watt Amalgam UV lamps.   This alone allows the UVLW system to be around 66% smaller than comparative UV solutions, and in many cases eliminates the need for a second UV system used in a duty / assist configuration.  The increased disinfection output of the 800 Watt Amalgam UV lamp makes the UVLW range both highly competitive in terms of CAPEX and OPEX.

Asymmetric Lamp Positioning: Through extensive CFD analysis and field testing, the UVLW chamber design matches hydraulic flow profiles with UV lamp intensity fields inside the UV reactor, eliminating the requirement for baffle plates and flow modifiers. This unique concept has allowed for significant improvements in disinfection efficiency, increasing treatment capacities by up to 30%, whilst using significantly less power and reducing head loss.

Guaranteed Performance & Independent Validation: All UVLW 800 Watt Amalgam UV Systems feature independent validation based on Bioassay testing with live surrogate organisms (T1 & Ms2) at a range of water qualities to guarantee the UV systems performance against microorganisms such as E Coli, Faecal Coliforms and Cryptosporidium.

Independent testing and validation is based on the NWRI (National Water Research Institute) Protocols for Wastewater, Drinking Water & Water Reuse, 3rd Edition (2012).  The NWRI guidelines closely follow the requirements for modern drinking water plants and provide the Worlds’ only performance standard for wastewater treatment and also wastewater reuse (irrigation water and feed water to drinking water plants).


Performance Advantages

  • Independent 3rd party validated performance
  • Effective at water qualities as low as 20% UVT
  • Validated performance from 50% UVT+
  • High capacity treatment up to 5,000 m3/hr
  • Extended lamp life of 16,000 hours
  • Automatic power stepping 100% – 30% power
  • Automatic self-cleaning for quartz thimbles
  • Hydraulically optimised low head-loss design
  • High disinfection efficiency – 1 to 5 log

Operational Benefits

  • Simple to install and easy to operate
  • Significantly reduced maintenance requirements
  • Access hatches for easy and quick access
  • Single sided maintenance / access
  • Quick release enhanced safety ‘Twistlok’ Lamps
  • Robust, chemical free automatic wiper system
  • Lamp changes without removing wiper motor
  • Wiper rings can be replaced without removing wiping carriage from chamber

Installation Advantages

  • Smaller, quicker and easier installation
  • Closed system design installs directly into pipe work
  • Asymmetric lamp design removes need for baffles
  • Horizontal and vertical installation options
  • Multiple flange size, type and mounting options
  • Significantly reduced footprint requirements
  • No requirement for complex civil structures
  • No requirement for concrete trenches, pen stocks, level control and flow modifiers.

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