De Nora/WestWater NXT Auto Chlorinator

WestWater NXT Auto Chlorinator features the reliable and proven De Nora equipment, ensuring reliable and repeatable operation. All of which are assembled on a heavy duty, corrosion resistant wall panel, providing uninterrupted service for all installations.

The Chlorinator is factory tested, easy to install & offers 11 point valve calibration. Capacities range from 100g/hr to 60kg/hr, providing versatility for all applications. Integrally mounted vacuum switches are also available providing high and low alarms. Control input signals include flowmeter and/or chlorine residual analyser. The chlorinator connects to a Vacuum Regulator and Ejector to ensure complete automatic control.

Low Range: 100g/hr to 10kg/hr

High Range: 20kg/hr to 60kg/hr

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