Ultrapure Vacuum Salt Tablets

Food grade Ultrapure salt products all contain the anti-caking agent FAN 535 or 536.

Ultrapure Vacuum Salt

  • Manufactured from Food Grade Vacuum Salt
  • Specifically for use in; High Performance Water Softening and Chlorine Generation Systems
  • Contains minimal to no calcium to provide long life span of the electro-chlorintor DC cell

Superior clean-through packaging

Innovative packaging to ensure the food grade salt retains its purity and integrity end-to-end.

There’s pure brilliance in the ease and safety of Ultrapure’s packaging. Clear, high-strength, non-slip P/E bags that are:

  • simple to carry
  • simple to open
  • simple to pour
  • double-wrapped and delivered on food grade card board pallets

Product Codes:

  • Salt20hgtab:           50 x 20kg bags (1000kg/pallet)