Project Announcement – Serpentine Pipehead Dam FSA Pipework Upgrade, WA


WestWater have successfully won a tender with the Water Corporation to upgrade FSA Dosing System at the Serpentine Pipehead Dam facility in south-west WA.

The project will consist of:

  • Designing the new pipe work, valving and operations platform.
  • De-commissioning and removal of existing pipework and valving.
  • Suppling & installing new pipework and valving.
  • Installing a new work platform to enable personnel to operate the valving without the need to enter the bund area.
  • Commissioning and a proof run of the new system.

All aspects of the upgrades to the pipework and valving in the FSA System are to ensure the facility complies with Design Standard DS71 (Fluorosilicic Acid Storage and Dosing), and will be completed in accordance with the Contract, Water Corporation Standards and Australian Standards.

The project is expected to reach Practical Completion by June 2020.