Camballin Filtration Upgrade

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WestWater won a tender with the Water Corporation for the Design, Construction, Installation, Configuration, and Commissioning of upgrades to the Camballin Ground Water Treatment Plant (GWTP). Camballin is located within the Kimberley region of Western Australia, approximately 110km south of Derby.

The Camballin GWTP is an unmanned plant, that is remotely monitored and controlled (with weekly planned operator attendance) by a plant operator based in Derby.

The facilities at the Camballin GWTP include:

  • A DN1200 FRP pressure media filter.
  • Filter outlet turbidity analyser – Hach model 1720E Low Range.
  • New inlet, outlet and backwash manifold complete with actuated values and pressure monitoring.
  • A new filter control cubicle located adjacent to the replacement filter, housing a PLC and Operator Interface Panel (OIP) for local control.