Gingin WTP Chlorination Upgrade

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WestWater won a tender with the Water Corporation to decommission the existing Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing System at the Gingin Water Treatment Plant, and incorporate the new assets to ensure the facility operates more efficiently and complies with current standards.

The original Gingin WTP Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing System treated raw water (approx. 37m3/hr) from two bores located within the WTP compound. The treatment process was to remove iron and manganese from raw water, and to provide disinfection residual for reticulation.

The new assets that were installed and commissioned by WestWater include:

  • GRP Hypochlorite Feed Tank with 250L working volume, and bund with capacity to told 110% of the feed tank volume.
  • Dosing Cabinet with four Smart Digital Dosing Pumps for pre- and post-filter dosing.
  • Analyser Cabinet with one pH analyser system for the pre-filter sample, one pH/free chlorine analyser system for the post-filter / Clearwater tank outlet sample, and one turbidity analyser for the post-filter / Clearwater tank outlet sample.
  • Chlorination Switchboard / Control Cubicle.
  • New service water supply line from the service water pumps to the safety shower.
  • A wash down hose reel and wash basin, and connection to service water from transfer main.
  • Insulation and air-conditioning to the sodium hypochlorite room.
  • Automation of existing service water pumps.
  • All associated electrical, communication, instrumentation, control and SCADA works.