Round Mountain Reservoir Electro-chlorinator

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Logan Water’s Round Mountain Reservoir in New Beith was the site of a project with a state of the art philosophy towards powering water treatment plants. It’s a facility which is powered completely off-the-grid utilising solar panels mounted on the roof of the reservoir to supply the mains power with smart batteries supplied by Tesla providing back up on cloudy days.

WestWater designed and manufactured the mechanical aspect of implementing an electro-chlorination system which utilises brine solution to manufacture low-grade sodium hypochlorite onsite. The product would then be stored and dosed into the mains to maintain total chlorine levels in the water supply. The process includes 2x Hyprolyser 2200 electro chlorinators running in series to batch product and store in a 19,000L HDPE product tank. Dosing is completed by duty/standby digital dose pumps housed in one self-contained polypropylene dosing cabinet. There is also a bulk brine storage tank of 8,000L capacity which sits below ground level under a false floor and is salt filled via a monorail/hopper system capable of delivering salt in 1 ton bags.