Pozzi Road Sodium Hypochlorite Upgrade, Manjimup

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WestWater recently completed the design and construction of a new containerized Sodium Hypochlorite storage and dosing plant to replace the old chlorination facility onsite.

The Pozzi Rd WWTP facility stores effluent re-use water from Booth Rd WWTP (Manjimup) in a storage dam located on site at the WWTP. The effluent water is pumped from the dam by the Irrigation Pumps. It is filtered via a screen filter package then dosed with Sodium Hypochlorite before being distributed to the woodlot irrigation network.

The old chlorination system was in a dilapidated state and non-compliant to current WC design standards for hypo storage and dosing. As a result, it was an unsafe site to work on. There was also limited automation of the process and no remote visibility of plant operation on SCADA making it a difficult plant to operate succesfully.

The new hypo storage and dosing system has provided the following improvements :

  • Safe, containerized and bunded storage of the chemical with load in panel and level monitoring. Air conditioned to reduce chemical decay issues.
  • New hypo dosing cabinet and dose point to achieve WC barrier protection standards for chemical safety.
  • Relocation of potable water tank with addition of shade cover, tank level alarm and automatic recirculation.
  • New flowmeter installation for automatic flow paced dosing and irrigation system monitoring. Pressure transmitters added for filter DP monitoring.
  • New PLC, OIP and power and control switchboard to automate process and provide new user friendly irrigation interface replacing old retic controller. Full SCADA mimics and control.