Hughenden Primary Chlorination System

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WestWater recently completed the construction and installation of a Primary Chlorination System for Wulguru Steel Pty Ltd at the Hughenden Reservoir, located approximately 380km east of Townsville in Queensland.

The chlorination system is positioned at the Hughenden 4.3ML Reservoir Site, in a brick building shared by the sites fluoridation system, site main switchboard and control centre. The site supplies potable water to the residents of Hughenden.

The chlorination system is capable of storing 1500L of 12.5% strength sodium hypochlorite. Duty/standby digital dosing pumps can dose up to 12l/hr of the chemical into a variable flow rising main on the inlet of the dual reservoirs for disinfection. The system is also capable of monitoring the resultant chlorine residual on the downstream of the chlorine injection point, prior to the reservoirs, for residual trim control. For added water quality assurance, system also monitors resultant chlorine residual on the outlet of the reservoirs.

The chlorination system consists of the following equipment:

  • 1500L 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Tank
  • 1700L Chemical Containment Bund
  • Two (2) Duty/Standby 12l/hr digital dosing pumps housed splash containment cabinet
  • Two (2) Free Residual Chlorine Analysers
  • Chemical Tank Level Transmitter
  • Local Control Cubicle with PLC and HMI
  • Local Power Distribution Board
  • Chemical Load In Panel with Drip Tray for chemical delivery via tanker

The project was delivered on time as scheduled and within budget, and installed and commissioned onsite to WestWater’s quality assured standards.