QEII Hospital Re-chlorination Systems

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WestWater won a tender with Kane Constructions for the Design, Supply & Installation of Re-chlorination Systems in the East and West Buildings of the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital, located in Coopers Plains – 14km south east of the Brisbane CBD.

The hospital is currently supplied chlorinated water via two incoming mains from different distribution supplies. Entering the hospital grounds from the east is the Holland Park water supply which enters via Troughton Road. Then entering from west is the Mt. Crosby water supply which enters via Kessels Road. The base requirement of this project was to install two identical water treatment and distribution facilities at each main entry point. The facilities are in duty/standby configuration and will alternate duty on a selectable interval.

Each facility is designed to receive the relevant incoming mains water supply and breakpoint chlorinate to an acceptable level using water storage or break tanks to ensure the required contact time for the process to take place. The break tanks also have a circulation system which monitors dormant water quality constantly and allows for top chlorine dosing if required. Finally, the facilities have variable speed driven booster pump skids which distribute the stored water to the hospital ring main as required. This distribution line is also water quality monitored and has a third point of chlorine dosing on the way to the hospital.

All aspects of the Re-chlorination Systems were designed, constructed, installed and commissioned in accordance with the Contract and Australian Standards.