Halls Creek Emergency UV Container

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WestWater recently completed the design and construction of an Emergency UV Dosing Container for use at Halls Creek Bore 4/92. This particular bore was classified as high risk of pathogen ingress due to its 500m proximity to a Waste Water Treatment Plant. In order to return this bore to service, UV disinfection as an additional water treatment, was required.

The UV system has been designed to be a turn-key transportable package that can be mobilised to not only the Halls Creek site but any other site that Water Quality Branch need extra disinfection for in the future.

The UV system is fully automated with local PLC and OIP and connection to SCADA. The process control functionality was rigorously designed and tested to ensure that there is no risk that pathogens could get through to the downstream collector main.

For flexibility for use on multiple sites it has been sized to handle the following different treatment scenarios:

The project was delivered on time as scheduled and within budget, and installed and commissioned onsite to WestWater’s usual quality assured standards.