Regional Council – Aquatic Hyprolyser Electro-chlorinators

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A regional council in South East QLD has upgraded 3 of their aquatic centres to utilise Hyprolyser Electro-chlorination technology. The 3 centres, each with 50m Olympic pools and an array of paddle pools, now use electro-chlorination to batch and dose 0.6% sodium hypochlorite for disinfection as opposed to dangerous chemicals.

The local operators and maintenance team are excited at the prospect of working with a safe and reliable system and not have the hazards involved with dangerous goods handling.

The benefits of these systems in the aquatic industry are:

  • Delivery & storage of food grade salt instead of large QTYs of dangerous chemicals means the hazard of major spills and leaks has been removed.
  • No toxic dangers to operators & nearby residents like with chlorine gas.
  • No hazardous waste or dangerous goods disposal.
  • No chemical handling for operators. They only need to top up the salt storage.
  • No remedial maintenance of dangerous goods dosing and storage equipment.
  • The low pH of the product reduces requirement for excessive pH correction.