TasWater – Branxholm Electro-chlorination Upgrade

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In October 2020, WestWater completed the installation and commissioning of a Hyprolyser Electro-chlorination module for TasWater.

The systems purpose is to recirculate the water within the Branxholm Reservoir, monitor the chlorine residual and dose the batched 0.6% Sodium Hypochlorite when required to maintain a 1mg/l residual.

The transportable module comprised of the following:

  • Hyprolyser iSEC90 Electro-chlorination system with 300lt storage tank
  • Electrical Power and Control Board
  • Duty/standby reservoir recirculation pumps
  • Free Chlorine analyser
  • Hydrogen leak detection
  • Chemical dosing skid with duty/standby digital dosing pumps