Project Announcement – GAR Chlorine Gas Shielding, WA


WestWater have successfully won a tender with the Water Corporation to supply, fabricate and install Chemical Barrier Protection on the high risk points of chlorine solution lines found within chlorination rooms. This is to ensure the highest level of protection to its personnel and minimise the reliance on PPE. The works will be conducted across multiple sites within the Goldfields & Agricultural Region in Western Australia.

There are 34 chlorine chemical dosing plants in the Goldfields & Agricultural Region that should have protective shielding placed over the chlorinated water lines from the injectors onwards, to protect personnel from any potential highly chlorinated water. This highly chlorinated water could possibly have low PH (i.e. acidic), and may get squirted into their eyes as a result of equipment failure.

All aspects of the works are to ensure the various sites comply with Design Standard DS79-03-Chemical Barrier Protection, and will be completed in accordance with the Contract, Water Corporation Standards and Australian Standards.

The project is expected to reach Practical Completion by July 2020.