Project Announcement – Porongurup Pump Station Chlorination Modifications, WA


WestWater have successfully won a tender with the Water Corporation for the design, build and supply of a Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing System at the Porongurup Pump Station (with the potential to also complete installation on site further down the track). Porongurup is located approximately 50km inland from Albany, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

The works will include the installation of the following:

  • Prefabricated Treatment module;
  • Duty/standby Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing Panels;
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Tank and Bund;
  • Free Chlorine Analyser;
  • Siemens Magflow flow meter for dosing spool;
  • Electrical Control Panel;
  • Power Distribution Panel;
  • Cellular communications;
  • PLC & SCADA Control System;
  • New stainless-steel safety shower and eyewash station;
  • Hose washdown reel with RPZ backflow preventer;
  • Dosing manifold to modify the existing pressure main;
  • Chemical transfer pump;
  • Chlorine sampling points downstream of the dosing point;
  • Sample water return system including pump and tank;
  • Flushing system;
  • Internal and external entry lighting (with battery backup);
  • Signage, pipe markings and carrier pipe barrier protection;
  • All required pipework, valves and fittings.

All aspects of the works will be completed in accordance with the Contract, Water Corporation Standards and Australian Standards.

The project is expected to reach Practical Completion by April 2021.