Camballin Dedicated Backwash System – WA

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WestWater have recently completed the design and construction of a Backwash Pump Station for the filter at the Camballin Water Treatment Plant.

Camballin is a small town in the West Kimberley area of Western Australia, with a population of approximately 500 people. The Camballin WTP is fed by 2 bores (Bores 1/04 and 3/73) which provide raw water for treatment at Camballin WTP. The raw water is dosed with chlorine before being filtered through a FRP Pressure Filter to remove oxidized iron and manganese, and then stored in Camballin Ground Tank.

For this project, WestWater have installed a dedicated backwash pump station for backwash water supply to the filter. The new pump station is plumbed to the Ground Tank so potable water can be used for backwash. The pump station includes variable speed driven motors and a flowmeter so the backwash flowrate can be easily controlled and adjusted.