Laverton Interim Nitrate Solution – 500kL RO Unit Install

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WestWater recently completed the design and construction of modifications to the existing Laverton Water Treatment Plant onsite, including the installation of a new 500kL RO Unit and bypass pump station. The WTP is located just outside the town of Laverton, approximately 300km North-East of Kalgoorlie.

This project was considered an “Emergency Project” for the Water Corporation, as it was urgently required to ensure water demand at Laverton can be met over the 2022-2023 summer period, whilst also complying with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) limits.

Laverton relies on groundwater from two sources: a single bore at Beasley Creek, and the Wedge Pit Borefield. The Beasley Creek Bore has high yields but also high hardness, nitrates, and salinity, so to meet ADWG requirements, the Beasley Creek Bore relies on blending with the Wedge Pit Borefield. The Wedge Pit Borefield however can no longer keep up with demand due to reduced rainfall.

WestWater has installed a portable 500kL Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit on site, along with an automated VSD controller pumpset to blend RO permeate water with raw water (RO Bypass), ensuring the site can now meet peak water demand and comply with ADWG requirements.