Project Announcement – Ferric Sulphate Dosing Upgrade – WA


WestWater have successfully won a tender with Worley Power Services for the design and installation of a Ferric Sulphate Dosing System at the Collie Power Station, located approximately 200km south of Perth in the South West Region of Western Australia.

The water treatment plant at Collie Power Station currently has an existing ferric sulphate dosing pump skid that has reached the end of it’s life and is needing to be decommissioned. The ferric sulphate dosing system is classified as critical equipment for the power station, due to it’s operational demand from the water treatment plant.

In its place, WestWater will be installing a new chemical dosing pump cabinet, which will enclose the new ferric sulphate dosing system to prevent possible exposure to operations and maintenance staff if a leak was to occur. Ferric sulphate is classed as toxic and can cause severe skin and eye irritation, so personnel safety both during construction and regular operation is a high priority for this project.

All aspects of the works will be completed in accordance with the Contract and Australian Standards.

The project is expected to reach Practical Completion by mid-2024.