Project Announcement – Carnarvon Copper Ioniser Replacement, WA


WestWater have successfully won a tender with the Water Corporation to supply and install a replacement Copper Ionisation System at the Carnarvon Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The existing Carnarvon WWTP Copper Ioniser is in very poor condition with no scope of repair. The way the ioniser is being run at present does not utilise any of the dials on the unit and has to be hand tested by a DET each time to ensure it is running at the correct voltage.

The replacement Ioniser will be installed within an aluminium enclosure, fitted with four 120mm fans, and mounted on a 600mm high stand to raise the enclosure from ground level. The ion chamber will be constructed from industrial grade PVC, and fitted on a 300mm high stand constructed from High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE).

All aspects of the works will be completed in accordance with the Contract, Water Corporation Standards and Australian Standards.

The project is expected to reach practical completion by December 2020.