Project Announcement – Upgrades to Derby WWTP, Broome Effluent Reuse System, and Broome GWTP, WA


WestWater have successfully won a tender with the Water Corporation for the design and construction of changes to Broome & Derby WWTP to enable compliance of waste water quality, and changes to Broome WTP to improve caustic dosing.

The project consists of three parts:

  • Upgrades at the Derby WWTP to improve the quality of the chlorinated effluent that is irrigated on the golf course:
    • Control changes needed to provide fresh chlorinated water into the golf course tank prior to start of irrigation cycle;
    • Installation of new flowmeter headworks for flow monitoring and flow paced dosing; and
    • Installation of auto chlorinator for flow paced dosing and high and low dose rate SPs.
  • Upgrades of the Broome Effluent Reuse System to improve the quality of the chlorinated effluent that is supplied as irrigation water to the Golf Course, Shire and School:
    • Control changes to provide daily top up of fresh chlorinated water in the WWTP storage tanks prior to start of transfer to end users; and
    • Installation of a dump to waste plant at Sewerage Pump Station no 5 for dumping transfer main to waste prior to start of transfer to end users.
  • Upgrades at the Broome GWTP to rectify scaling issues in the caustic dose lines:
    • Remove dilution water and dose the 50% caustic solution neat;
    • Install new double contained dose lines and heat trace new above ground dose pipework;
    • Install barrier protection on the new exposed caustic lines; and
    • Replace the existing dosing spears with new to create higher velocity at diffuser ports.

All aspects of the works will be completed in accordance with the Contract, Water Corporation Standards and Australian Standards.

The project is expected to reach Practical Completion by November 2021.